About Us

About Us

We are seasoned professionals with a strong and proven track record of countless successes. Innovations, creativity and optimism are our watchwords. Anything you need, trust us to get the job done. Our approach as educated advisors and counsellors focuses strongly on students.

We are a reputed company in the immigration consultancy business. We help our clients with needed requirements,validations and interviews so that they can meet their immigration needs. While you can do typical things like clearing High Commission forms or filling forms all by yourself, note that our services at Ganpati House Of Achievers is a lot easier and more professional.

This can come in handy if you have tight schedules or not positioned for all the immigration processing rigours. We provide you accurate and diligent services to ensure you have a meticulous and well-processed immigration.

About Us

Take Advantage of our:

Step-by-step application guidance with our online portal service
Great customer team available 24 hours a day and 7days a week
Secured and guaranteed service - We protect your personal data, this is paramount to us

At Ganpati House Of Achievers, we celebrate innovations, excellence and optimism we shape our thinking and actions to excel in all we do. We ensure our clients are completely satisfied. We have worked with countless of skilled professionals, business tycoons and their sponsored spouses, partners and family members. We have monthly records and proofs of immigrant visas issued by the Canadian Embassy to our clients, a fact that speaks volumes of our competence and professionalism.

We understand your longings and we go to any length to reunite you with your loved ones, family and friends. Most of our clients get their interviews with the Canadian High Commissions waived, as they are well prepared by our team.

As a disclaimer, we only accept clients whom we are confident will stand the best chances of success. If, upon assessment, we find out this is not possible with you, we honestly communicate this as soon as possible and possibly offer you with advice on how to be better prepared in the future. This is to ensure you do not spend your money without achieving your desired result. We are a team of friendly and experienced professionals. We invite you to call, email or visit us for your study, visit and immigration needs.

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