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Ganpati House of Achievers is one of the best PTE institutions in Haryana & Punjab. Apart from PTE, we also prepare students for the IELTS Exam and Spoken English. Our experienced and qualified faculty has helped shape the careers of thousands of students. We believe that each student’s English needs are different, so we give individual attention to each student to properly address the weaknesses of the English language. Moreover, we believe that every student has the caliber of achieving their dreams; they just need the right guidance to succeed. So, we, at Ganpati House of Achievers utilize our effective technique and strategies to help them grip the language to perfection.

We aim to provide quality training to our students, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for participants to become engaged global citizens.



Pearson Test of English

If a student aims to study in one of the world’s best educational institutions, they must possess a solid academic profile. Moreover, they must be proficient in the English language because, in a foreign university, the lectures are usually delivered in English. As a matter of fact, English language proficiency is a mandatory prerequisite to get admission to a most foreign institution.

The Pearson Test of English, i.e., PTE, is a computer-based English language test aimed to check the English proficiency of those who wish to immigrate or study in an English-speaking country. The test generally takes 3 hours in which the test-taker’s writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills are examined. The entire test is conducted on a computer, including the speaking module, in which the test takers’ voices are recorded to gauge their speaking skills. And then, the recorded voices are forwarded for marking. The advantage of this test is that the test-takers get their result within 5 business days.

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Canada demand English proficiency test results from international students from non-English speaking nations. To get selected in a desired University or College, students need to acquire the required scores on the PTE test. This is done to ensure that only applicants with strong English skills get admission.

Academic - PTE

Academic is divided into four sections.


The Listening test takes 30 minutes. In addition to that, 10 extra minutes are given for transferring answers to the answer sheet. An examinee’s ability to listen and understand a native speaker is judged through recorded conversations and monologues.


The reading test takes 60 minutes in which the examinee has to answer the questions after studying factual and descriptive passages. Through this test, the ability of the examinee to read and understand the English language is measured.


This 60-minute test consists of two writing assignments. The first task is to describe a graph, table, or pie chart in a 150-word passage; in the second task, the candidate must write an essay on a given topic in 250 words.


In the speaking test, the examinee must demonstrate his or her speaking skills by answering a series of questions. Examiners may ask to introduce themselves, talk to the examiner and ask them to speak on the given topic.


The motive of PTE general is to evaluate one’s ability to communicate in English. This exam tests the speaking, writing, reading and listening skills of an individual. It has six levels of proficiency, i.e. level A1, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


About the Course

Ganpati House of Achievers is well known for its excellence and teaching achievements in the PTE modules. Our PTE coaching has been widely accepted because the value of every penny you spend in the Ganpati House of Achievers is paid. And we also ensure that our students pass the exam with good marks in all four modules, i.e. listening, writing, speaking and reading.

We at Ganpati House of Achievers use specialized techniques to train individuals. Our institutions are well equipped with the latest technology to help our students learn English efficiently and effectively. In addition, our instructors are highly experienced who pay 100% attention to students’ success.

Price: 5500 per month

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