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GHA Education|Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Last Updated: August 05, 2023

Being the user of Ganpati House of Achievers, one should require to be responsive that you are signing the contract with Ganpati House of Achievers as well as you accept and agree to put up with the terms and condition of Ganpati House of Achievers and our services like Admission Counselling, Admission, Guidance, Travel, VISA, and others. Once you fill the Registration or give your consent to the executives of Ganpati House of Achievers for any specific services, then you need to pay the amount specified for that services.

Once you complete the payment as signified in the form, you would be eligible for the services of Ganpati House of Achievers. Normally, Ganpati House of Achievers provides one time services to its users and the cost of the services are charged accordingly. Once you get registration with Ganpati House of Achievers, the university application fees are not refundable. But, for other reasons, we are mentioning our refund policies here that would also be mentioned in the form that should be signed by both parties.

The arrears should be cleared without any delay. Once you make the payments and avail your documents to us, we shall start the application procedure that cannot be discontinued under any circumstances. The services availed by Ganpati House of Achievers would be completed once the candidate arrives at the university abroad. Ganpati House of Achievers provides the pre-departure tutoring to the students and their parents to ensure the travel processes and understandings. We don’t guarantee the Visa issuance by the officials or delay by the embassies to issue the visa.

Ganpati House of Achievers is not responsible for the Visa delay or Visa rejection.

  • The students who wish to withdraw their application are required to inform the organization in writing.

  • We shall not reimburse if the application is withdrawn after the deadline.

  • The university application fee is not refundable.

  • We are not responsible for the payment made to other institutions.

  • Ganpati House of Achievers suggests you clear the refund policy to our experts before making payments.


Students are required to pay in advance for university application form to register the admission in the foreign university. After payment, if the candidate cancels the application, the service charges and other charges will be deducted from the fee. Consultation fee and the charges paid to the Ministry are not refundable. The candidate may request a refund if their visa is rejected. The refund would be initiated within 45 to 90 working days. The refundable amount would be paid through bank transfer in student’s account.

The amount will not be refunded if

  • The student doesn’t fulfil the embassy requirements.

  •  Student fails in the visa interview.

  •  Embassy is not satisfied with the documents of the student.

  •  The student submitted the documents after the deadline.

  •  The student submitted tampered documents.

  •  The student gets deported from the destination country.


The refund request would not be entertained after the deadline. Ganpati House of Achievers would not be responsible for any delay caused by third parties, i.e. courier services, embassy, and others.
All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of courts in Haryana only.


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