Best Things About Studying in New Zealand Summarized For You

GHA Education | Best Things About Studying in New Zealand Summarized For You

It is true that a plethora of international students dream of studying in New Zealand. Specifically for Indian students, New Zealand is a top-tier study abroad destination. But what is it that makes New Zealand such a popular student destination? What are the best things about studying in New Zealand? Why study in New Zealand and not other countries? 

The relevance and significance of New Zealand as an international student destination have risen exponentially in the last few years. It is evident that Indian students are keen on studying in New Zealand more than ever. To substantiate, as per media reports, more than 1600 students were pursuing international education last year.  

In this blog, we decode the reasons behind New Zealand’s immense rise in the sphere of international education. We shed light on the multifarious benefits of studying in New Zealand including courses in New Zealand and other details. 

These benefits shall explain the prolific interest of Indian students in New Zealand as a study abroad destination. Having said that, let us get started without further ado. 

Advantages of Studying in New Zealand Decoded 

  1. Access to Superlative Education 

Indian students in New Zealand have access to some of the best universities across the globe. To explain, New Zealand’s eight universities fall in the top 3 percent of universities globally by QS rankings. Now, isn’t that amazing enough for international students to take into consideration? 

The University of Auckland, the University of Otago and the University of Lincoln are among the top universities in NZ. Among these, the University of Auckland remains the top-ranked university in New Zealand. These universities offer extraordinary spectrums of courses offered by highly distinguished faculties. 

So, be it the class of universities or the quality of courses offered in New Zealand, it is indeed superlative. Having said that, this explains the surge in the country’s popularity as a study abroad destination. 

  1. Proportionately More Affordable 

It is well-known that the NZ Dollar is much cheaper relative to INR as compared to USD or CAD. This directly and substantially impacts the affordability of international students to survive and thrive. In fact, this is one of the major reasons why we now see more and more Indian students in New Zealand. 

Given how the currencies compare, New Zealand seems a more viable option for international students. This viability exists both in terms of the cost of education and the cost of living. When we compare it to the costs relevant to Canada, Australia or the US, it definitely comes out as more affordable.

To generalize the tuition fee, a bachelor’s degree in New Zealand shall cost INR 12 lakh per annum on average. On the contrary, a master’s degree shall cost between INR 15 lakh to INR 25 lakh per annum.

Needless to say, expense is the most essential consideration for international students. Hence, a plethora of Indian students gravitate towards the idea of studying in New Zealand. Some of the most popular courses in New Zealand include MBA, hospitality and computer sciences. 

  1. Offers an Education System Like India 

The education system in New Zealand is largely identical to that of India. Having said that, it happens to be one of the biggest attractions for Indian students. To explain, like India, New Zealand also offers three-year bachelor’s degrees across most disciplines. 

Moreover, most New Zealand universities accept 3-year bachelor’s for master’s unlike Canada or the US. This is again a striking similarity between the education systems of New Zealand and India. 

Having said that, courses in New Zealand for International students offer great ease in terms of duration as well. Also, three-year degrees are more affordable than four-year programs. 

This further adds to the reasons why more and more Indian students are keen on studying in New Zealand. Courses in New Zealand are much more affordable and for shorter tenures. It is much to the advantage of students coming from the Indian education system. 

Therefore, while we talk about the benefits of studying abroad altogether, New Zealand for sure deserves special mention. 

  1. Generous Scholarships on Offer 

It is irrefutable that there is no bigger achievement for an international student than bagging a handsome study abroad scholarship. The question here is, does New Zealand offer handsome scholarships to international students for studying in New Zealand?  Well, the answer is yes! 

In a recent bid to attract more Indian students, the government of NZ has announced new initiatives worth NZD 400,000. The country offers a wide range of scholarships with the New Zealand Excellence Awards being the most sought after. 

Besides, the New Zealand Common Wealth Scholarships are also immensely popular. In addition, universities in New Zealand have their own prestigious study abroad scholarships to offer.  

So, much to the advantage of students, there are many scholarship opportunities on offer for studying in New Zealand. Most of the courses for international students in New Zealand do offer considerable scholarship opportunities. 

Of course, the chances of getting a scholarship are directly subject to your academics and profile. The better your profile the higher the chances of winning one of the top study abroad scholarships.

  1. A Bustling Multi-Cultural Environment 

Another key advantage that New Zealand offers is the country’s welcoming and multicultural environment. New Zealand already has a considerable Indian diaspora, making it easier for Indian students in New Zealand to settle down.

Here, we can very well argue that Canada has a much bigger Indian diaspora. However, that has led to overcrowding and job crunch in Canada. That is not the case in New Zealand on the contrary.

Yes, there is a strong Indian community in New Zealand it does not overlap the idea of a multicultural environment as it does in Canada. The exposure to a real multicultural environment is far greater in New Zealand. That being said, cultural shock should never be a problem for Indian students in New Zealand. 


To conclude, New Zealand is not only about breathtaking views and serene landscapes narrating the poetry of nature. New Zealand also has a lot to offer to international students looking to advance their future by pursuing higher education at world-class universities. From the quality of education to greater affordability and study abroad scholarships, New Zealand offers a lot to international students. 

The country has some of the most eminent global institutions. Moreover, the education system is quite reminiscent of what we have in India. These summarize the effective benefits of studying in New Zealand for international students. 

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