Why You Only Need A Trusted Overseas Education Consultant

Keen to pursue your higher education in abroad? If you are a study abroad aspirant, the very first step towards your dream shall be to obtain genuine overseas guidance. It is a well-known fact that as the keenness for overseas education is immensely growing, so is the saga of misinformation about it. The real question is, how do you make an informed decision amid so much confusion and people willing to loot you by selling misinformation?

Did you come across the news of around 700 Indian students being deported back from Canada because of fraudulent visa applications? Certainly, they did not choose the right overseas education consultant and this is a regret they will now have for the rest of their lives. Needless to say, the role of an overseas education consultant or study abroad guide can be the make-or-break factor in your prospects of overseas education. While choosing the right overseas education consultant for study abroad endeavors can make your overseas dream come true, choosing a study abroad consultant with little knowledge or honesty can sink it. However, the bigger question is, what does an overseas education consultant exactly do? What is the significance of choosing a genuine overseas education consultant? Well, let us find out in this blog!

Why is it important to choose the right overseas education consultant?

Profile assessment

The first and foremost thing any sensible overseas education consultant will do is get a student’s profile assessed for eligibility and suitable programs. Trustworthy overseas education consultants give students the right guidance with respect to their eligibility for different programs and countries. This guidance is only possible when they have the right knowledge of profiles and in-house experts who can run profile assessments with great precision. It may be feasible that a student’s profile may not be eligible at all for education in abroad speaking of a specific country or university. It is important that the profile assessment is done right and the student is informed. For instance, a student profile may not be eligible to study in New Zealand but may be acceptable to study in Australia. This is what is the first thing that students need to know.

Providing the right information at the right time

The most important role an overseas education consultant plays is to provide you with the right information at the right time. Needless to say, when you start pondering upon the idea of moving abroad for higher education, there are endless doubts which are bound to exist. This is where you feel the need to consult an overseas education agency given the complexity of the colossal information with respect to studying abroad. An experienced and professional consultant will know about the top universities, courses, fund requirements and procedures of a specific country. Moreover, they will also know which country is the best suited for a specific student profile and how the prospects vary across nations.

Eventually, all this information put together helps you to make an informed choice at the right time. Hence, the pivotal role an education consultant plays in terms of extending timely and credible information is indispensable.

Simplifying the processes and procedures

It is a well-known fact that understanding the processes and procedures relevant to different universities or countries can be a little too overwhelming. In fact, people, in general, may not have access to understanding clearly how universities recruit and what are the prerequisites for visas. Again, this is where overseas education consultants come into the picture. Credible overseas education consultants like Ganpati House of Achievers directly liaison with universities and immigration authorities and hence have comprehensive knowledge of all kinds of prerequisites. So, essentially, a trusted overseas education consultant will make the process or journey a lot more simplified for you.

Assisting with applications for admissions and study abroad scholarships

A good overseas education consultant will keep you posted about admission deadlines and the right time to apply. Moreover, they will also apprise you about study abroad scholarship opportunities and how can you apply to stand a fair chance to win handsome study abroad scholarships.

An overseas education consultant plays the vital role of walking the student through each step of the application process. Needless to say, the prospects of getting an offer letter are highly reliant on how effectively the application has been filled. Having said that, overseas education consultants play the crucial role of guiding students for the same.

Pre-departure briefings and post-landing services

A good overseas education consultant will offer end-to-end services to the students. To substantiate, another key role a credible overseas education consultant shall play is to offer pre-departure briefings to students as well as assistance once the student lands at his or her destination for study abroad.

In this way, students’ journey becomes far more comprehensive and they will be at great ease in a new country when they have their consultants guiding them at every step. Having said that, when a student has such consistent guidance, he or she feels all the more confident to undertake a new journey for study abroad. Ultimately, genuine overseas education consultants offer thorough guidance on how to prepare for studying abroad.

Connecting Students

Cultural shock is indeed real and landing on a different soil can give students a little setback irrespective of their excitement to begin a new journey. So, in such a scenario, it is always great to travel with fellow students from the same country or come across a local student community in another nation.

Since overseas education consultants cater to a plethora of students, they can also offer great assistance to students in terms of helping them connect with students from the same country. Needless to say, that will make life a lot easier for international students. In fact, it can also help students find accommodation easily in the new country or find a partner to share the accommodation expenses with.

Assistance in SOPs

If you are aspiring to study abroad or know someone who is, SOP is a term you would have come across quite often. A Statement of Purpose is one of the most important documents a study abroad aspirant needs to submit along with the application. Moreover, the prerequisites of SOPs are subject to change from one country to another. Remember, an SOP can be the underlying difference between an application being accepted or not. Essentially, an SOP is more like an essay depicting a student’s educational background, career ambitions and achievements. More importantly, all these inclusions need to be in a proper format as laid down by universities or immigration authorities.

Speaking of credible overseas education consultants, they will also help students by offering effective assistance in writing their Statement of Purpose or enhancing the same. Needless to say, not everyone feels confident with respect to writing and not everyone is able to express their competencies and achievements in the right flow of words. So, a good overseas education consultant will also come in handy here and offer the students all sorts of help needed to pull off an impressive Statement of Purpose.

Guidance in student loan for abroad studies

Needless to say, overseas education is a hefty affair and most people would want to rely on student loan for abroad studies. As long as you are choosing the right overseas education consultant, you can rely on them to assist with education loans as well. A credible consultant will certainly be able to help you with education loans as genuine overseas education consultants have collaborations with banks.

To conclude, instances of people being misled by fraudulent overseas education consultants in the overseas education market are only getting more and more common. You certainly do not want to risk your future and your family’s hard-earned money for a study abroad scam or a consultant who will keep their interest above yours. Having said that, you need to ensure that you are only consulting a trusted, genuine and reputable overseas education consultant.

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