From ‘I Do’ to ‘I Deal’: When Marriage Crosses Borders for Bucks and Immigration Goals

GHA Education | From ‘I Do’ to ‘I Deal’: When Marriage Crosses Borders for Bucks and Immigration Goals

Throughout history, marriage has been divided into two primary categories: love marriages and arranged marriages. How would you define a scenario in which parents seek potential grooms to financially support their daughters’ education abroad? Recent news has led me to ponder how some individuals are manipulating the sacred institution of marriage to achieve immigration goals.

In the past, love marriages were often regarded with disgust and hatred by certain individuals, even resulting in tragic instances of honour killings. However, it’s astonishing and ironic to observe that these very same people are now seeking suitable grooms to financially support their daughters’ education abroad. This shift in perspective highlights the evolving nature of societal attitudes and the profound changes taking place in our world.

Business Deals Only:

These special marriages are all about business, not tradition. Instead of being based on culture or family connections, they focus on money. Parents use these marriages to get educational chances abroad for their daughters. They do this by making deals with the families of potential husbands, where money is taken in exchange for a spouse visa. This big change from old customs brings up worries about what’s right and wrong, agreement, and how much say people have in these marriages.

Impact on Society:

The rise in such special marriages is shaking up long-held cultural traditions about marriages based on trust, respect, and companionship. This is a big change for communities in Punjab and other places. Turning marriage into a business deal for money goes against the important values that these societies cherish. It weakens the sanctity of this sacred institution.

Ramifications for Newlyweds:

When couples enter these special marriages, practical things become more important than love. Instead of focusing on feelings, they have to deal with money issues. This can make things complicated because contracts, not real emotions, connect them. Without shared feelings, spouses might struggle in their relationships. They’re stuck together because of agreements, not because they want the same things or care about each other.

Moreover, getting married really young can stop both people from growing personally before deciding to be together forever. When society cares more about money than feelings, emotional growth might suffer. It’s important to become emotionally mature before getting into serious partnerships, but early marriages can get in the way of that.

Foreign Universities are Well-Informed

When advertisements are placed in newspapers by parents of brides or through marriage bureaus, inviting grooms to finance girls’ education abroad in exchange for a spouse visa, they also reach international universities, allowing these institutions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing conditions in our region. This heightened awareness prompts them to exercise caution when selecting students from North India, given the escalating prevalence of such marriages, particularly in Punjab.

Why Not Take an Authentic Route?

It is understandable how the dream of going abroad can keep you up, turning nights into exciting possibilities. But it’s really important to choose the right and ethical way to make that move. Exploiting marriage for immigration damages emotional well-being, invites legal consequences, and destroys societal trust. Genuine options exist, respecting the sanctity of relationships and cultural values, preserving personal integrity, and avoiding long-term pitfalls.

The Bottom Line

The rise of special marriages for immigration exploits the sacred institution’s sanctity. Transforming unions into financial deals erodes emotional bonds, challenges cultural values, and undermines trust. Such exploitative practices disregard authenticity, hinder personal growth, and prioritise profit over love. Genuine pathways for moving abroad respect integrity, preserve cultural values, and ensure emotional well-being. It’s imperative to reject manipulative shortcuts and uphold the true essence of marriage as a union of hearts and minds.

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