Higher Education Conclave 2023 : A Platform For Empowerment

GHA Education | Higher Education Conclave 2023 : A Platform For Empowerment

With the third edition of our annual flagship event, Higher Education Conclave, the buzz is resonating in the town loud and clear. The inception of the event comes from the vision to make a real difference in the sector of tertiary education and bring all stakeholders together. When all international and national stakeholders in education come together, it scripts positive transitions and that is what inspires the real essence of the Higher Education Conclave. Speaking of HEC 2023, it is bigger and better than ever before as we look to extend genuine prospects of higher education to all our students. 

To say the least, the Higher Education Conclave by GHA Education Consultants is a vibrant spectrum of opportunities for high school students and even college students to realize their study abroad dreams. In fact, this is also a great opportunity for students wanting to pursue their graduation from India itself. To explain, we do have some eminent Indian universities on board as well. Having said that, there is something or the other for everyone. 

So, all in all, the central idea behind the Higher Education Conclave 2023 is to extend a massive platform to students with varied academic interests and unique study abroad dreams. Moreover, HEC 2023 will also provide a broad range of career counseling services to students wherein they can learn about psychometric testing, profile building, unconventional careers and so on. 

This blog sheds light on the key attractions of the upcoming Higher Education Conclave 2023 broadly classified into what students have on offer and what it brings for educators. So, let us get started without further ado. 

HEC 2023: What it brings for students? 

How often do you see premium universities from the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia visit Tier 2 cities in India? Of course, only a rare event will make that happen and HEC is certainly one of a kind event. HEC 2023 will act as a unique platform for high school students and college students to interact directly with the representatives of more than 50 universities from all parts of the world. Now, isn’t HEC 2023 a rare event already? 

More than 50 universities under one roof with the opportunity to liaise directly with university representatives shall make students and parents feel empowered. Students can learn about courses, programs, admission requirements and scholarship opportunities directly from universities’ officers with no scope for misinformation. 

Let me ask, how much of a scholarship amount do you think is good enough? Well, what if I tell you that you stand a chance to win up to 100 percent scholarship at HEC 2023? What if I tell you that you stand a great chance to get an on the spot offer letter from one of the top global universities? All of this will transpire quite smoothly at the Higher Education Conclave 2023 and there is no reason why you would want to miss it.

The galore of opportunities holds equally true for students wanting to pursue higher education in abroad and students wanting to stay in India. At GHA Education Consultants, we strongly believe that no constraint, financial or otherwise should come in the way of a student’s educational dreams. Having said that, we strive to empower each student to overcome each hurdle and finally make it to their dream university or college. HEC 2023 is another bold and highly thoughtful step in that direction. 

Every student who walks into the event will learn more academic and career prospects than they have ever known before. That’s exactly the purpose that the Higher Education Conclave 2023 wishes to serve. 

To add, there is also an immersive workshop for students to look forward to. On the sidelines of the Higher Education Conclave, we are hosting an engine workshop on Artificial Intelligence that will be conducted by a senior lecturer in AI at the University of Essex, United Kingdom. Needless to say, AI is a swiftly emerging field opening doors to new careers and new ways of the world and this again, is a remarkable opportunity for students to build a strong rapport with artificial intelligence. 

To put it in a nutshell, if you are a student who is curiously looking for future prospects, there is absolutely no reason why you would want to miss the Higher Education Conclave 2023. This is your ultimate chance to decide your study abroad destination with first-hand information available to you. 

HEC 2023: What do educators have to look forward to? 

When we talk about bringing all stakeholders in education together, how could we leave behind the educators? Simply put, the whole essence of education will cease to exist if it is not for selfless educators to ensure that students get the right guidance and mentoring. At GHA Education Consultants, we have always held educators in the highest regard and we keep looking for ways in which we can extend new avenues to educators.

Delivering on that commitment, HEC 2023 has a lot to offer to educators as well. We have ensured that we extend impressive value addition to educators, something that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. The panel discussion events scheduled for teachers will see the people who matter the most to school education make keynote addresses to discuss modern-day learning, the national curriculum and a vision for the future. 

There will be extensive deliberations on the National Education Policy and how advancements in education must transpire parallel to advancements in the ways of the world. Representatives from the most eminent global institutions will be there to deliberate with the principals and senior coordinators of the top schools in the region. The agenda will be to frame a course for the future with collective inputs and each other’s vision adding to the larger cause. 

To further add to the delight of educators from all the schools in the region, we are hosting a networking event wherein the principals and senior coordinators from schools will interact with university representatives. It will be a great forum for schools to foster international partnerships and for foreign universities to get insights into the Indian school education system. 

Lastly, there is a computer science workshop that we are hosting for educators exclusively which will revolve around the prower of artificial intelligence. So, to summarize, this year’s Higher Education Conclave has been thought of in a manner that we offer a lot to the educators as well who eventually make a real difference to the world. 

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