Study Abroad After 12th : All That You Ever Wanted to Know

study abroad after 12th

The dream to study abroad after 12th is largely common in school students these days. For sure, we live in a highly globalized world and education is becoming far more global. Well, it makes great sense that more and more students now aim to study at international universities.

In a globalized world, the idea of studying at institutions like Harvard and Oxford seems quite achievable to students. However, awareness and knowledge remain the key. If you have the right knowledge of overseas education prospects, you can make the right decision. Needless to say, you don’t want to make such a crucial decision regarding your future in haste. 

Wanting to study abroad after 12th and planning effectively for it are two different things. Which countries are the best suited for your desired programs and career? Which country suits your overseas education budget? What are the available study abroad scholarships? Questions like these facilitate your overseas education plans and preparation. Have you been mulling on these questions yet? 

Are still wondering without any surety, “How can I study abroad after 12th?” This blog shall act as a perfect guide for you to move in that direction. On the other side of this blog, you will have a fair idea of the path you should take after 12th. So, let us get started with a step-wise approach. 

A stepwise approach to planning your overseas education

  1. Take a psychometric test 

You must be wondering what is a psychometric test, right? Well, to simplify, a psychometric test is a culmination of four standardized tests assessing your mental ability, personality, interests, and aptitude. 

A psychometric test gives you the right direction as to which career choices are the best aligned to your personality, skills and abilities. In fact, this psychometric test will have the greatest impact if you are in grade 10 currently.

Let me substantiate and simplify for you. When you take a psychometric test in your grade 10, you get a clear picture. You can better identify your abilities, aptitude, and personality. For instance, if your numeric abilities are high, you should choose commerce or non-medical as your stream. Further, you can plan to pursue engineering, BBA, or B.Com from abroad. 

In fact, a genuine psychometric test report will also include stream and career recommendations. These recommendations will be aligned to your abilities and aptitude.

Accordingly, after 12th you can apply for degree programs or diplomas in a more informed way. Having said that, taking a psychometric test could be one of the most reliable ways to streamline your goals. You can then make the perfect choice for pursuing higher education in abroad.

  1. Get a Profile Assessment Done 

How will you know which universities or programs are you eligible for? Which universities are you likely to get an offer letter from based on your academics? What are the most promising study abroad programs available? Of course, proceeding ahead without these considerations may end up in wasted effort. This is where you will need professional help to find these answers.

A psychometric test tells you your abilities, stream recommendations and career options. The next step to take for you to study abroad after 12th is a professional assessment. The assessment will give you a clear picture of options, eligibility and the study abroad scholarships on offer. This will help you in shortlisting universities and colleges to apply.

A more detailed assessment can also tell you about the prerequisite exams to study abroad after 12th. For instance, some universities may only accept IELTS while some may also accept PTE or TOEFL. These are little intricacies that only professionals like GHA Education Consultants can tell you.

Deciding your study abroad destination after comparing all prospects is one of the most vital parts of the process. Your future will depend on the details informed to you via an elaborate assessment. Hence, you should only trust the best study abroad consultants.

  1. Work on Your Profile 

What if I tell you, you may not make it to the best of universities merely on your academics? As much as strange it may sound, it is true for sure. The best institutions of academic excellence give almost equal weightage to academics and profile. But what exactly is a profile and why does it matter so much? 

An impressive student profile is an exhibition of what the student does over and above their academics. To elaborate, a good profile will include extra-curricular engagements, co-curriculars and experiential learning in other forms. All in all, a strong profile reflects a holistic and diverse personality.

Needless to say, the top universities like Yale or Harvard look for students who bring all-round capabilities. In particular, IVY League institutions are very considerate of students’ overall profiles. The top universities in Canada like UBC and top universities in Australia also lay emphasis on the overall profile. They look for students who can add a lot of value to their vibrant student communities. 

To give you a fair idea, a good profile includes internships, community service, leadership experiences, passion projects et cetera. Besides, the academic experiences beyond the curriculum and extra-curricular activities like debates also add value.

The more versatile and progressive the profile the higher the prospects of acceptance to top universities. In fact, not only admission but an impressive profile also stands a high chance of attracting handsome study abroad scholarships. To your amusement, most eminent universities offer profile-based study abroad scholarships to international students.

If you aspire to study abroad after 12th and there are financial constraints, a scholarship can bridge the gap. However, as mentioned above, the chances of getting scholarships are subject to your profile. The bottom line is, profile building needs to be an essential part of your plans for study abroad. 

More importantly, you should start your profile building quite early. Starting with profile enhancement when you are in grade 10 will be the best-case scenario. It gives you an opportunity to work on your profile for around 2 years before you start your applications in grade 12.

At GHA Education Consultants, we personalize each student’s profile-building journey. Being partnered with more than 450 institutions, we understand what universities look for in a student’s profile. Be it IVY League Universities or the top universities in Canada, we align students’ profile-building to top standards.

  1. Know About the Essential Proficiency/Competitive Tests 

If you are planning to study abroad, you will certainly need to clear a language proficiency test. IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are some of the most common English proficiency tests. Meeting the minimum score criteria in these tests is essential to supplement your application. 

Moreover, if you are aiming for IVY League Universities you may also need to clear the SAT or ACT exam. The sooner you learn about these tests and which ones you need to take, the better it is. Be it any test, it will require a minimum of two to three months of preparation. Having said that, planning for these tests is also an important aspect of your overseas education journey. 

  1. Apply For Scholarships 

A lot of students are unsure of how to get scholarship to study abroad after 12th. Well, the simplest answer is to know about various study abroad scholarships and to apply on time. Most of the top universities in Canada, the UK, the USA and Australia offer lucrative scholarships. 

Some universities offer scholarships on the basis of academics or the admission application itself. On the contrary, other universities may have a separate application criterion for scholarships. Again, having this information is of huge importance. The more you know about study abroad scholarships the better the chances of winning one. 

However, it is vital to know that IVY League Universities do not award scholarships. These institutions only award financial aid to students who are bright and underprivileged. Alternatively, other top-ranked institutions like the University of British Columbia or the University of Alberta award handsome scholarships. 

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