The Most Popular Study Abroad Programs To Go For In (2023-24)

Looking for the best Study Abroad Programs but cannot decide which country will suit you the best? Well, of course, when it comes to studying abroad it is a crucial decision to make.
Having said that, you must take your own sweet time to decide on the program and country you should choose. However, to make this vital decision, you will need extensive knowledge and information, to say the least.

GHA Education | The Most Popular Study Abroad Programs To Go For In (2023-24)

To substantiate,  the best Study Abroad Programs in Canada may be different from the best prospects in Australia. This may be simply because some jobs or professions may be in high demand in one country and not so in another.

Besides, the average cost of living and tuition fees in one country may be much higher than in another. 

Moreover, the rankings and reputation of institutions will also play a part. Let us try and understand this via an example. Studying a less popular course at Harvard may offer greater prospects than a common course at an average university.

Makes great sense, right? So, as I said, choosing between Study Abroad Programs and countries will need a lot of research. 

Does that mean that you will need to tussle with research across different websites? Well, absolutely not! We have done that for you already and will keep doing it so that you are never out of vital information. 

At GHA Education Consultants, we understand your study abroad dreams the best. As a reputed overseas education consultant, we will always have genuine overseas admission guidance to offer. 

So, if you are planning to enroll in a study abroad program in the next academic year, all you need to read is this blog. In this blog, we have compiled the best study abroad programs in Canada, Australia, the UK and the US.

We have all major study abroad destinations covered! Moreover, as we list down the best courses abroad, we will also emphasize on Benefits Of Study Abroad. So, let’s get going! 

Best Study Abroad Programs (2023-24)

Let us get started with Canada! Needless to say, Canada is the melting pot of global cultures offering enormous opportunities to international students. Especially for Indian students, it is a beloved destination with some of the top-ranked universities in the world. Listed below are the most popular courses in Canada in terms of scope of quality of education. 

GHA Education | The Most Popular Study Abroad Programs To Go For In (2023-24)

Best Study Abroad Programs in Canada

  1. Engineering: Engineering programs are quite popular among Indian students given Canada’s strong technology sector and growing job opportunities. Among engineering programs, computer science engineering seems the most sought after program.

    Institutions like the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta and University of Toronto are known for their engineering programs. Moreover, a plethora of colleges around Canada offer diploma programs in engineering. 
  1. Business And Management: Business-related programs, such as MBA and undergraduate business degrees, are in demand due to Canada’s thriving business environment.

    There are ample Study Abroad Programs on offer in Canada across business and management. A lot of Indian students are keen on taking undergraduate courses in business and management after high school. The Ivey Business School and Rotman School of Management are among the top business schools in Canada.
  2. Health Sciences: Nursing, pharmacy, and public health have been very popular, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

There is a broad spectrum of degree and diploma courses across these disciplines on offer in Canada. Moreover, nursing and pharmacy are skills in high demand and hence, job opportunities are bright too. 

Best Study Abroad Programs In Australia

Australia is yet another popular study abroad destination among Indian students. Like Canada, Australia also offers a progressive education system and a multinational culture. Listed below are some of the best courses in Australia that international students can go for. 

  1. Business And Management: Similar to Canada, business and management programs have been attractive to Indian students in Australia. Business programs in Australia offer opportunities in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
  2. Engineering And IT: IT, computer science, and various engineering disciplines remain sought-after, aligning with Australia’s tech industry’s growth.
  3. Healthcare: Australian universities offer excellent medical and healthcare programs, especially in medicine, dentistry, and nursing. Healthcare Careers in Australia are in fact, very sought-after and rewarding. 

Best Study Abroad Programs in UK

With a UK Prime Minister hailing from India, the prospects for Indian students are only getting better. In fact, with institutions like Oxford University and the London School of Economics, the UK boasts a distinct legacy of higher education.

Besides, other top-ranked universities in the UK include Durham University, the University of Cambridge and so on. Listed below are some of the most popular Study Abroad Programs in the UK. 

  1. Business Studies:- MBAs and undergraduate business degrees have consistently been a top choice among Indian students in the UK.
  2. Engineering:- The most popular engineering fields have been civil engineering and mechanical engineering due to the UK’s strong engineering tradition.
  3. Law:- LLB programs and LLM specializations are highly sought-after due to the nation’s rich history of law-making. In fact, the best part is that students will an LLB from India can also practice in the UK. 

Best Study Abroad Programs in US

The US is a global superpower in infrastructure, military might, and wealth. However, that’s not all! The US is also a global superpower when it comes to the legacy of education institutions in the country. The US is home to the highly prestigious IVY League Institutions that millions of students across the world aspire for. 

Besides, institutions like MIT and Stanford also intrigue a plethora of international students. Listed below are the most popular study abroad programs in the US. 

  1. Engineering And Computer Science:- The US. is renowned for its STEM programs, and Indian students often pursue degrees in engineering, computer science, and related fields as the pinnacle of modern education.
  2. Business And Management:- MBA programs and undergraduate degrees in business administration such as a BBA are highly popular given the diverse opportunities in the U.S. job market and the presence of almost every MNC.
  3. Health Sciences:- Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and public health, attract Indian students due to the U.S.’s world-class healthcare facilities and research opportunities transforming Indians into some of the best healthcare practitioners in the world. 

So, Like I said in the beginning, this blog is going to save you the hassle of extensive research. This is overseas admission guidance of the most reliable and genuine order. We are an overseas education consultant committed to providing the right information and direction to students.
In the next section, there is some delineation of the Benefits of Studying Abroad. 

Benefits Of Studying Abroad For Indian Students

Our endeavor is not limited to offering guidance to help students choose the right study abroad programs. We also want students to know the benefits of studying abroad.

GHA Education | The Most Popular Study Abroad Programs To Go For In (2023-24)

Besides, we want to guide them effectively with respect to leading a good life abroad, job prospects and skill enhancement. Some of the most pivotal merits of studying abroad are listed below.

Exposure to Multicultural Environments

Speaking of the benefits, the greatest merit of studying abroad is the exposure to multicultural environments. I personally feel it does help you evolve your personality in incredible ways. When you leave your home country to blend into a new environment, you constantly challenge yourself. In the entire process, you keep becoming a mature person with greater adaptability. 

Skill Enhancement And Personal Growth

Furthermore, modern jobs require something beyond technical skills that sets students apart i.e. soft skills. Soft skills can be best acquired by interacting with students from different backgrounds and nationalities.

This cultural exposure encourages a deeper understanding of global issues preparing students to work in any part of the world. 

Additionally, living abroad exposes young students to new customs and ways of life. Indian students consistently demarcate this as a key advantage to their personal growth. Planning for study abroad programs is quite synonymous with subscribing to the idea of new beginnings.

When you move abroad for higher education, you embark on a new journey of personal life and personal growth. 

Better Career Prospects Upon Return 

One of the most vital benefits of Study Abroad Programs is better employability. Indian or international students who study abroad often enjoy enhanced career prospects upon returning to India or pursuing opportunities internationally.

Many multinational corporations value employees with international exposure, language proficiency, and a global perspective. 

Graduates or undergraduates who have studied abroad are often considered more adaptable, open-minded, and capable of working in large teams.

Remember, this is a  crucial factor in climbing the corporate ladder and attaining managerial positions at reputed organizations. 

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

Additionally, the networking opportunities that studying abroad provides can be invaluable for future career advancement. Students build professional connections with classmates, professors, and industry experts. These can open doors to internships, job placements, and collaborations. 

Post-Study Work Visas

Furthermore, numerous nations today offer post-study work visas to Indian students to gain practical work experience after completing their degrees.

This hands-on experience is highly beneficial, as it provides an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills and become more competitive in job markets upon their return. 

But is it that everyone enjoys these benefits alike? Are job opportunities and personal growth opportunities of the same volume for everyone? Well, the answer is no! How much you can actually reap from the above benefits is subject to your unique skills, knowledge and learning experiences. 

GHA Education Consultants very well understands the value of a strong CV. From admission prospects to job offers, your CV is going to be the determining factor.

Your CV is the most convenient representation of your overall profile. Hence, Profile building is the starting point for us. We guide students through a systematic process of enhancing their profiles. 

This profile building process and guidance are crucial for overseas admissions as studying abroad is not just about academic achievement. It also matters how significantly students can grow personally.

Students constantly face new challenges which can range from living independently, understanding budgets and building self-reliance.
Hence, our students are already prepared to seek out new opportunities with strong profiles. Moreover, having a strong profile can also be the key to a handsome study abroad scholarship. 

To conclude, we have already talked a lot about a lot of things but only to your benefit. We hope you succeed in every endeavor ahead of you! We are sure your choice of Study Abroad Programs will be smoother by now!

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